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Music Lessons | Musicians Camp
Musicians Camp

Music Lessons


To Schedule a Lesson call: 805-529-2348 (C) or 805-437-6465 (H)

1. Drum Set StudiesBasics to Advanced …a progressive study taught over several years. Includes all basic note values, constructing simple to complex drum beats/grooves in duple and triple meter, music styles, techniques, the grips, rudiments (40+)  & their development and applications, latin groove concepts, beg-adv rhythms, polyrhythms, dynamics & accents, the essential building tools of drum solos, reading and interdependence.

2. Drum Rudiments: Creative and dynamic sticking skills. An in depth study of the 40+ rudiments as applied to snare drum & drum set, dynamics, ABCDEFG concepts, Motion studies.

3. World Ethnic Rhythm studies: Over 20 ethnic drum studies played in groups of 10 or more.

4. Latin Drumming Studies: In depth Latin and African rhythms as applied to drum set.

5. Snare Drum Studies:  Applying and combining 40+ rudiments to create dynamic and stylistic hand to hand / sticking  flow on the snare drum.

6. Drum Set and Bass Guitar Rhythmic Relationship Studies (Basic to Advanced).


7. Guitar:  Covers all Pop and Rock guitar styles (beginning – advanced) lead/rhythm/scales/modes/patterns/all skills.

8. Blues Guitar: Chords/theory/scales/rhythms/artists/songs.

9. Chords,Modes and Scales: A complete perspective…..as applied to guitar, bass, piano. and other instruments. Building the musical “beast.”

10. Chords: The Major, minor,augmented and diminished families and their associated scales & all  altered maj. and min.chords and their altered scales. All scales are built from the 4 basic chord families listed.

11. Rhythm and Chords Study:  All simple to complex rhythms, chords & chord extensions)


12. Bass:  Applied music theory to many styles of Bass Guitar:  includes Pop, R&B , Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz, Latin, Funk. Also..all Scales, modes, arpeggios, applied rhythmic fundamentals & reading bass clef.

13. Bass and Guitar relationships: A musical perspective by isolating,studying,and playing chords,rhythms and bass parts.


14. Keyboards: Learning piano basics for songwriting and band…chords/ inversions/ scales/ arpeggios/ chord extensions, rhythms.

15. Keyboards, Bass and Guitar relationships. All secrets of these 3 instruments are revealed in this course to provide a clear perspective on the inner workings of music.

Music Theory:

16. Music Theory I, II, III, IV, Advanced: This is a thorough study of Music Theory.  Learn to build music from ground zero and up. Includes all major & minor keys & many musical formulas and tricks to create musical solutions.

17. Music Theory: Applied to Basic Blues Guitar studies and Pop, Country, Rock and Jazz guitar.

Song Writing:

18. Basic Songwriting Studies: Studying great hit songs and song forms in all musical genres; building something from nothing & working up your magical musical ideas into real shapes and song forms.

19. Songwriting and applied Music Theory: A creative approach to songwriting using music theory formulas and chord fundamentals. The information in this course is a must for all serious songwriters.

20. Advanced Songwriting: Putting all lyrics, music theory and creative rhythmic, melodic & harmonic writing/musical skills together to create original songs and song forms for the various song markets.


21. Rhythm Studies: Beginning-Advanced …. all essential note-value vocabulary…reading, counting and tapping rhythms. Rhythm is an infinite study requiring extreme accuracy essential to the success of all musicians.

22. Rhythm Section Studies: Rock, jazz, latin, pop, country, funk, R&B, jazz rock, latin rock, blues .