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Testimonials | Musicians Camp
Musicians Camp


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“A lot of credit for Ryan’s success goes to Scott Moyer…who turned a casual interest in the drums into a real passion for music of all kinds. … Scott is prodigiously energetic and ceaselessly optimistic about the potential of his students. He is also that very rare thing…an inspirational teacher who changes lives.”



“I would like to explain a little bit about my history as a music student to help you understand where my interest in music comes from. Most of the credit for my extreme interest in the drums would have to go to my drum teacher Scott Moyer. He has constantly pushed me to experiment, to expand my musical tastes and to learn musical theory to become a complete musician. Scott encouraged me to study guitar after a year and a half of drums lessons. I am very interested in guitar and music theory so I study them often, but it is usually just to improve my ability to apply the drums in a more tasteful way. Understanding another instrument and studying theory has really helped my drumming.

I first met Scott at Amazing Music in the Pacific Palisades, the school where I currently take lessons. It seemed as though every lesson was a new breakthrough. When I started, all of my favorite bands were seventies rock bands. I had no interest in any other kind of music. The more I played, the more different types of music that I began to enjoy. Lately I have taken an interest in jazz and Latin music. Now I study as often as I can the precision and consciousness of time that is taken to a new level with jazz, and I love the Latin beats and fills that are so different from what I studied for so long. Two years ago my school’s music teacher left and I suggested that Scott take the job, and he now teaches me music theory on Tuesday, Guitar and Drums on Thursday and he teaches our school band on Friday. Scott is one of the most influential people in my life; he has truly opened every door to the musical world for me and helped me to realize just how limitless it is.”


“Scott, studying with you was pivotal in my drumming education; you were able to help me to learn the fundamentals of drumming grip, time, groove, and the stylistic differences within the art of set drumming. You provided an environment for me that was very conducive to learning, and you were supportive and helpful in this process. You opened my ears to the drumming world, and brought new music to me that I otherwise would not have heard, or been able to appreciate the drumming within it. You introduced me to drummers like Steve Gadd, Narada Michael-Walden, Mitch Mitchell, John Bonham, and many others.

I remember one time I brought you a recording of “La Grange” by ZZ Top, and asked you what the drummer was doing; you taught me how to shuffle, and let’s just say that now I have one of the best shuffle grooves anywhere. You taught me how to listen, and how to be a musical drummer who plays with a band instead of being a show-off “stunt” drummer. Lastly, when my father passed away, I remember you showed me genuine compassion and support throughout this difficult period in my life, and through drumming, provided me with an outlet to help me deal with my loss. For these reasons, I think you are the best teacher that I could have possibly had, and I thank you.”