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This article was written on 07 Mar 2011, and is filled under Students.

My Students

Of the many I have taught and kept track of for over 40+ years, all are still involved in music. The following are just a few of my outstanding students and what they have been doing with their lives.

John Abarbanel - I taught John between the ages of 14 and 17. John then attended Oberlin Conservatory of Music where he formed jazz groups, trios, quartets and composed music.

Kevin Shephard - My drum student from 11-19 years old. Went on to join the hit recording group ”Tonic” which had 2 #1 hit records. Kevin acquired endorsement deals with Ayotte Drums, Zildjian Cymbals and Vater Stick Company. He presently lives with his wife and 6 children in Malibu, CA.

Ryan Allen – Taught drums, guitar, band and music theory from 7th to 12th grade. Ryan went on to California Arts summer program, played the famous Jazz Bakery, and got accepted to Berklee College of Music in Boston. ”Music” has become his vocation and has formed his own record company IMUR.

Max Salter – Went on to Berklee College in Boston. I taught Max keyboard, sensibilities, theory, band, rhythm and harmony over 3 years at Bridges Academy. Music is his career choice.

Charles Jones – For over three years at Bridges Academy, I taught Charles bass guitar, music theory and band, as well as rhythm, percussion and song construction. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston and is recording ( 5 CD’s) and touring professionally with the hit group, Dopapod. Charles has received endorsements from major Guitar, Bass, amplifier and pedal companies.

Sam Jones – Graduated from the prestigious Thornton Music Program at USC, I taught and coached Sam on guitar, music theory, ensemble/band, rhythm, note values, composition, drums, and through three 2-hour concerts at Bridges Academy. He is a multi-talented and creative individual with a musical destiny. Sam is presently making his living composing and producing Film scores.

David Foley – Progressive drummer, guitarist and composer. A student of mine several years prior to his attending Boston College. He is presently writing, recording and playing clubs in the Los Angeles area, with his band Cinder Cone. David also plays guitar and composes original music and continues to be a power-house musician/player.

Bennett Williams - I taught Bennett drum skills from 1983-1987. Today, he is an accomplished player based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. See his website at www.bennettwilliams.net to catch up with his recording and ever-expanding adventures in drums, drumming, recording and teaching.

Paul Grundman – Now a full working drummer and talented keyboard player/composer, I taught Paul many of the basics of drumming throughout his entire teenage years.

Ed Linden – A wonderfully talented person, I taught, directed and coached Ed for 3 years on guitar, drums, bass, theory, songwriting, composition and band while at Bridges Academy. Today, he records at his own home studio where he plays all instruments himself.



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